It is that time of year again where it seems like everywhere you turn there is coughing, sneezing, and sniffling, and everyone is chock-full of home remedies passed down that they swear work “miracles.” Well if drinking a cup of piping hot herbal tea, or flushing out your sinuses isn’t high on your list of cold fighting tactics there is a simple solution for your common cold woes.

The cornerstone to any sickness, disease, or annoying sniffle is simple; it all comes down to the proper function, or lack thereof, of your immune system. You know, that inborn response that is designed to fight off foreign invaders and infectious organisms? I’m sure you are saying to yourself, ‘Doc, I know this already but how do I build up my immune system before the onset of the aches and pains hit?’ The immune response involves proper communication between the brain, blood vessels, different types of white blood cells and the residing cells within the tissues of our body. What then is the easiest most efficient way to keep this line of communication clear and operating at 100%... getting adjusted of course! Don’t wait until the onset of a cold to have your spine checked; the best defense is a good offense.